Holiday Shopping Guide: 20 Best Outdoorsy Gifts This Season

We’ve all heard the call … the siren songs of epic forests, big mountains, rushing streams, and the vast ocean. Whether gifting to yourself or others, here’s to equipping your adventures with functional favorites, specifically catered to those who crave the wild.

This guide was last updated on November 8, 2016

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Gifts under $50

Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Light My Fire Titanium Spoon

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The Light My Fire Titanium Spork is not the spork you find at a corner deli. It eschews traditional design and features a spoon on one side and a fork on the other. This allows versatility without sacrificing function. The titanium construction makes this spork a standout for durability. Its usefulness will shine for many years to come.

Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern

MPOWERD Outdoor Solar Light

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Gone are the days of searching for batteries to bring life back to lanterns. The waterproof, solar-powered lantern compresses down during the day,then expands to a full-sized lantern at night. Allow the Luci Outdoor to capture sunlight for 7 hours and it will deliver beautiful illumination for 12 hours. This isn’t the first time we’ve sung the praises of the Luci, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Thera Cane Massager

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The outdoors can be rough on the body. Climbing, hiking, biking, and backpacking leave muscles sore and knotted. The Thera Cane Massager helps to relieve those aches and pains through the beauty of self-massage. While a full body massage can be a nice treat, the ability to have a massage at any time is irreplaceable.

Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towel


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Perfect for backcountry showers, travel, or even taking to the gym, we frequently reach for the Dry Lite Towel. It absorbs water well, rings out with ease, and the antimicrobial coating keeps it smelling fresh on long trips into the backcountry. Typical cotton towels are no match for the usefulness of the Dry Lite. Once your loved one tried out this towel, they’ll never want to go back to cotton. Moreover, they’ll be thinking of you next time they take a dip in a serene mountain lake.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle and/or Growler

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Hydro Flask Beer Growler

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Hydro Flask has set a new standard in drink insulation. Using double-wall vacuum insulation, these stainless steel bottles can keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for an unbelievable 24. They are perfectly suited to storing the true outdoor essentials: water and beer.


Gifts under $100

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

All headlamps are not created equal, and the Black Diamond Revolt shines brighter than its competitors in more ways than one. It is powerful and versatile, offering many different light levels. Most importantly, it is USB rechargeable, so replacing batteries is a chore of the past. Your loved one will love the usefulness of this headlamp, and it will surely light the way home from their next adventure.

Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

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The GRID Foam Roller is perfectly suited for runners, hikers, backpackers, and climbers. A long, strenuous day is hard on the muscles, but the GRID Foam Roller will soothe those aches and pains through myofascial release. This patterned foam roller works out knots and kinks with ease, and leaves the muscles refreshed and ready for a new day. Consider this the gift that keeps on giving!

Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Liner

Sea to Summit Extreme Reactor

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From icy winter nights to warm summer evenings, this sleeping bag liner delivers comfort and warmth. It can be used to line a traditional sleeping bag, making it up to 25F warmer. When the temperatures rise and the nights are balmy, this breathable liner can even replace a traditional sleeping bag. Unlike sleeping bags, this liner is a breeze to clean: it’s machine washable!

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

ENO Double Hammock

Whether backpacking through the mountains or relaxing in the backyard, the ENO DoubleNest Hammock will never disappoint. It is lightweight enough to take on extended trips and durable enough to stand up to seasons of use. The hammock is also spacious enough to relax and sprawl out in, even with some extra company.

Steripen Ultra Water Purifier

Sterpen Ultra

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For years, water purifiers have been clunky, heavy, and downright obnoxious to deal with. The Steripen Ultra redefines the water purifier as a sleek, ultra-portable, and convenient tool. Using ultra-violet light, this purifier treats water effortlessly. The Steripen Ultra weighs less than a typical smartphone and can easily fit in a pocket. Gone are the days of pumps, filters, and tubes. Keep your loved one safe from waterborne pathogens with this incredible gadget.

Patagonia Jeans

Patagonia Demin


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Jeans are an outdoor favorite, but most jeans are produced in a way that damages the natural world we hold so dear. Patagonia Jeans are both functional and stylish. Most importantly, they are produced with less water, less energy, and fewer CO2 emissions than traditional jeans and absolutely no toxic dyes are used in their production. We ourselves are big fans of these jeans, and have written extensively about what makes them great. These jeans are available in a variety of cuts and styles; but rest assured, any choice of Patagonia Jeans will be a wardrobe favorite.


Gifts under $200

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

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Books are heavy, but carrying 1,000 of them into the woods is a breeze with the Kindle Paperwhite. Unlike traditional tablets, the Paperwhite can be used in sunlight with no screen glare, and the battery last weeks instead of hours. The built-in light allows reading to continue late into the night. Whether it’s Thoreau in the woods or Kerouac on the open road, the Paperwhite will always come in handy.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Kit

Goal Zero 10 Solar Kit

Extended forays into the wilderness have always meant the inevitable death of electronic devices, but Goal Zero offers a solution! The Guide 10 Solar Kit uses a solar panel to charge batteries and other electronics from anywhere the sun shines. The rugged panel can be positioned on the ground at a campsite, or strapped to a backpack for power on the go. Expect more photos from the next trip and perhaps even a call home, thanks to this wonderful tool.

MSR Windburner Stove

MSR Windburner Stove

When the winds pick up and the temperature drops, a hot meal becomes essential. Most stoves fall short in this hour of need, but the MSR Windburner is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The integrated pot makes set up a breeze, and the enclosed radiant heating system both renders it windproof and makes warming food a breeze. Once the meal is done, the entire system packs into itself for easy storage.

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Speaker

Goal Zero 10 Rock Out Speaker 2

When the occasion calls for music, look no further than the Rock Out 2. Weather resistance, crystal clear sound quality, and long battery life make this the absolute standout speaker. The Rock Out 2 charges in 2 hours and plays for 20. When the battery runs low, it can be recharged via USB, and perfectly pairs with the Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Kit.

Rumpl High-Performance Down Blanket

Rumpl Blanket

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Embracing the beauty of the outdoors is best done in comfort, and the Rumpl Down Blanket will keep your loved one warm and cozy when the temperatures drop. Perfect for stargazing, reading, or simply relaxing in cooler temperatures, the Rumpl blends both comfort and style. It is lightweight, packs easily, and comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. Read more about our love affair with the Rumpl here.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest X-Lite

What more could you ask for? This sleeping pad delivers uncompromising comfort at a weight that seems to be lighter than the air that fills it. After a night on this pad, your loved one will be ready to take on the adventures of the day unencumbered by a heavy sleeping pad. For a sleeping pad that rivals the comfort of the bed back home, look no further.

Montbell Frost Smoke Down Parka

Montbell Frost Smoke Parka

Winter in the outdoors is hard to enjoy without a good jacket. The Montbell Frost Smoke Down Parka is sure to keep your loved one warm all through the snowy season. It is lightweight, affordable, and most importantly, toasty! The quality fabric used in its construction will hold up to seasons of use, and its versatility makes it suitable for most, if not all, outdoor pursuits.


Gifts under $300

Delorme Inreach 2 SE

Delorme Inreach 2 SE

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Never say goodbye again with the Inreach 2 SE. This satellite communication device pairs up with a smartphone to send and receive messages from the furthest reaches of the globe. The device also allows continuous GPS tracking, so you can watch their progress on their next trip. In the event of an emergency, the Inreach 2 SE has an SOS function to summon help far from the reaches of cellphone coverage.

Garmin Oregon 600 GPS

Garmin Oregon 600 GPS

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Never worry about your loved one getting lost again! The Oregon 600 is Garmin’s top of the line GPS device. Maps and compasses may have been the standard in the 1950s, but so was smoking in restaurants and driving without a seatbelt. The Oregon 600 is both functional and reliable, and will guide your loved one home for years to come.