Deal Alert: 20% Off All La Sportiva Shoes

Tommy Caldwell climbed the Dawn Wall in them; they’re the trusted shoes of choice for daring free soloist Alex Honnold; and many of the world’s hardest crushers—including Joe Kinder, Daniel Woods, and Jonathan Siegrist—depend on La Sportiva for their hardest sends. There’s no denying: La Sportiva shoes are among the best in the world.

While they’re often found with a steep price tag (discounts being strictly limited), La Sportiva shoes are on sale right now for 20% off … making it an opportune time to snag a pair.

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Categorizing La Sportiva’s shoes

To help simplify the buying process, we’ve classified the shoes into two broad categories: all-around/trad climbing shoes and bouldering/sport climbing shoes.

All-around & trad shoes

These shoes are typically characterized as being less downturned and more comfortable on the climber’s foot–the type of shoe you can wear for extended periods of time without pain. Shoes in this category often perform well for all styles of climbing, whether that be bouldering, sport, or trad. Specifics to each pair are detailed in the descriptions below.

Bouldering & sport shoes

These selections fall into the category of “aggressive” climbing shoes. These models are more downturned and not well-suited to wearing for hours on end. While downturned shoes are typically considered less comfortable, the aggressive profile is particularly helpful on steep or overhanging boulders and sport climbs.

La Sportiva Shoe Chart

All-around & trad shoes by model

TC Pro

$185.00 $148.00 (applied at checkout)

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Developed in collaboration with Tommy Caldwell, many climbers consider the TC Pro to be one of (if not the) top performing shoes in the world. This model is impressively comfortable and can perform at a high level on slick granite, thin edges, and while jammed into cracks. The TC Pro is a very high-performance shoe made of the best materials and highest quality craftsmanship.

Miura VS
La Sportiva Miura VS

$175.00 $140.00 (applied at checkout)

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The Miura is an edging machine and all-around pick that does well on rock and at the gym. It is reasonably downturned yet still manages to perform on slab terrain, too. If climbing cracks, you’d likely want to veer toward a laced shoe, as the velcro isn’t as well-suited for sliding into foot jams. View La Sportiva’s Fit Guide for further information.


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Miura Lace
La Sportiva Miura

$165.00 $132.00 (applied at checkout)

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A sibling to the velcro model mentioned previously, the Miura Lace is a high-performance shoe that works well on overhanging, vertical, and slab terrain. This shoe can edge on the tiniest of footholds and it’s also a great gym climbing pick.


la sportiva mythos climbing shoe

$145.00 $116.00 (applied at checkout)

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The soft leather on La Sportiva’s Mythos naturally conforms to your foot, increasing the comfort of these shoes throughout their lifetime. With a low-profile and toes-flat-fit, the Mythos truly shines on cracks, where you can squeeze these into even the thinnest of splitters. It’s important to note that the sole rubber on the Mythos is relatively soft, which some climbers find makes them an inferior edging shoe. View La Sportiva’s Fit Guide for further information.


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$98.95 $79.16 (applied at checkout)

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As the name implies, the Oxygym is a low-cost option designed for climbing in the gym. Velcro closures provide easy on/off mobility and a funky pattern will have you climbing in style. If you’re looking for a first climbing shoe on a budget, the Oxygym is a nice pick to get acquainted with the sport.

La Sportiva Tarantula

$90.00 $72.00 (applied at checkout)

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The Tarantula is designed with no downturn and offered at a very reasonable price point for the new rock climber. Well-suited for any style of climbing, this is a good entry-level option. View La Sportiva’s Fit Guide for further information.


Bouldering and sport climbing shoes by model


la sportiva genius climbing shoe

$195.00 $156.00 (applied at checkout)

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Proudly called “The highest performance climbing shoe on the market,” by La Sportiva themselves, the Genius is undoubtedly a shoe for the serious boulderer or sport climber. The concept behind the new No-Edge technology used with the Geniuses is that even on less-than-perfect foot placements, greater surface area (correlated with more friction) of the shoe will be in contact with the rock. It’s also especially useful for small smudges where a stiff-edged shoe may be unable to gain adequate surface friction.


$185.00 $148.00 (applied at checkout)

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Another member of the No-Edge family (see Genius description above for details), the Futura has an innovative Fast Lacing System which comfortably cinches down in a breeze. Referred to as little Ferraris by Sportiva, the Futuras offer excellent sensitivity so that you can actually feel the texture on the rock.


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$180.00 $144.00 (applied at checkout)

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An all-around aggressive performer, the Testarossa is another top pick for sport climbing and bouldering. Using a combination of both Lorica (doesn’t stretch) and leather (stretches) the performance and comfort of the Testarossa will only improve with time. Using Vibram XS Grip2 rubber, this shoe excels on the tiniest of edges, on smudges, and—once broken in—it can even perform on slabs, too.


$180.00 $144.00 (applied at checkout)

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Solutions offer a relatively similar closure system to La Sportiva’s Futuras, but without the No-Edge technology (read the Genius description above for details). This is another significantly downturned shoe ideal for steep overhangs in the gym or outdoors. View La Sportiva’s Fit Guide for further information.


La Sportiva Otaki Mens

$175.00 $140.00 (applied at checkout)

La Sportiva Otaki Womens

$175.00 $140.00 (applied at checkout)

Buy Women's

One of the newest shoes to La Sportiva’s lineup, the Otaki takes the much beloved Katana to the next level of aggression. This shoe incorporates a greater and more durable downturn structure, thanks to its Permanent Power Platform created with Sportiva’s P3 Technology. The S-Heel style design makes this shoe excellent for heel hooks, while its Vibram XS Edge sole offers you the technical prowess you need to stay on the smallest of edges. And to ensure these shoes come in a size that will last, microfibers reinforce the leather to minimize stretch and maintain overall structure.


La Sportiva Skwama

$145.00 $116.00 (applied at checkout)

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Similar to the Otaki, the La Sportiva Skwama offers the same S-Heel structure and downturned aggression, made possible by the P3 Technology of the Permanent Power Platform. The Skwama, however, features a slipper design and a rubber toe cap—making it an ideal shoe for performance bouldering and competition climbing. These shoes maintain a snug fit in the sole, while offering sensitivity and the performance of Vibram XS Edge to secure tenuous movements on ultra-precise holds.

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