Rock climbing gear information, techniques, and tips for beginners.

Learn about Rock Climbing

Styles of Climbing

Gain a greater insight into the various styles of climbing. Featured is information on bouldering, deep water soloing (psicobloc), top roping, sport climbing, trad climbing, aid climbing, and free soloing.

Styles of Climbing (Video Supplements)

Styles of rock climbing, easily presented in text-free videos.

Climbing Grade Basics

An overview of the V-Scale and the Yosemite Decimal System. Also included is a comparison chart covering the Australian, French, British, and Font climbing systems.

Footwork for Beginners

Optimal footwork is essential to becoming a great climber. Learn about edging, smearing, heel-hooks, and more.

Spotting for Bouldering

An introductory guide teaching climbers the fundamentals to appropriately spot fellow boulderers.

Understanding Gear: Shoes, Harnesses, and Belay Devices

An introduction to understanding various styles of rock climbing shoes. We also explore characteristics of harnesses and detail the differences between an ATC and GRIGRI.

Understanding Gear: Carabiners and Quickdraws

Learn about carabiner sizes, weights, noses, and gates. Also find out important quickdraw buying considerations such as length, weight, and rope vs. bolt end gate types.

New Climbers: Seven Avoidable Mistakes

The learning curve to rock climbing is steep, but as presented are seven avoidable mistakes to rapidly accelerate your development.

Communication for Rock Climbing

An introduction to rock climbing terms, commands, and communication techniques.

Essentials of Belaying

This introduction covers both top rope and lead belay techniques with the PBUS method (pull, brake, under, slide) as the foundation. Also discussed is terminology such as live end , dead end , brake hand , and guide hand.

Overview of Lead Climbing

Pertaining to both trad and sport climbing, this overview provides an insight into the fundamental components of taking the lead.

Climbing Glossary

A comprehensive guide to common climbing terms and slang.

Transitioning to Real Rock

Advanced Belay Techniques

Gain an insight into advanced belay techniques including movement, soft/dynamic catches, jugging, and boinking.

Knots, Bends, and Hitches

A practical guide to learning basic knots, bends, and hitches.

Climbing Anchors: Basic Principles and the SERENE Method

This introduction explains the SERENE method for anchor building: solid, equalized, redundant, efficient, and no extension.

The Art of the Traditional Style

Road Map to Trad Leading 

Detailed is the importance of following, studying up on important knots and techniques, practicing on the ground, and mock leading.

Building a Trad Rack 

Building a trad rack is hard, so we've provided an insight into how to get started.

Two-Minute History of the Cam

A short history of the rock climbing cam (or friend). This is essential reading for all climbers placing active protection.

Cam Range Comparisons

A simplified guide to comparing cam ranges across brands and models.



MOJA recommendations:

Learning about rock climbing online serves as a tool, but in no way are written articles a substitute for hands-on instruction. Failure to follow appropriate safety measures could result in serious injury or death. If just getting started, seek professional climbing courses offered by AMGA-certified guiding services. Be smart, and climb safe.