Tension Flash Board


Portable and lightweight, featuring edges, crimps, jugs, and slopers.

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Handcrafted from poplar, Tension Climbing’s Flash Board is a traveling climber’s perfect companion. You’ll also find this hangboard to be ideal if you don’t want to put holes in your wall—a common complication with college dorms, rentals, etc.

Requiring only a single point to hang, the 6mm accessory cord can be adjusted, varying the board’s angle.

Over the top you’ll find jugs and slopers, along with the following edges:

  • 2 0.75″ incut edges
  • 2 0.75″ flat edges
  • 2 0.50″ incut edges
  • 2 0.50″ flat edges
  • 3 0.33″ crimps


  • 17″ long
  • 2.5″ diameter
  • 8 feet of 6mm accessory cord included

This item only ships to North American postal addresses.


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