Tension Grindstone


A versatile, ultra-comfortable, and handcrafted wooden hangboard. The friendlier sibling to the Grindstone Pro.

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Tension Climbing’s Grindstone board is an optimal training pick for the general climber looking to find strength gains through hangboarding. The Grindstone offers slightly deeper edges than the Grindstone Pro.

Comfortable jugs over the top will help you get warmed up and edges ranging from 50mm deep to a mere 15mm will ensure a full range of finger strengthening.

And if timing your workout, you’ll find a convenient phone slot right on top.


This board is made of poplar and measures 22″ x 2 3/4″ x 6″. Holds include:

  • Jugs
  • Single 50mm edge
  • Single 22mm edge
  • 35mm edges
  • 30mm edges
  • 25mm edges
  • 20mm edges
  • 15mm edges



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