Veteran climber and guide Mathew Childs shares nine climbing rules applicable to your magical moments on the rock, as well as your every day life …

1. Don’t let go

“Often you think about letting go way before your body does. Hang in there.”

2. Hesitation is bad

“Momentum is good. Don’t stop.”

3. Have a plan

“Often you’re planning so hard for ‘how can I get through the hardest part’ … you get to the last pitch, it’s easy, and you’re completely flamed out. Don’t do it.”

4. The move is the end

“You’ve got to focus; you’ve got to keep going.”

5. Know how to rest

“The best climbers are the ones that in the most extreme situations can get their bodies into some position where they can rest, regroup, calm themselves, focus, and keep going.”

6. Fear sucks

“Fear means you’re not focusing on what you’re doing; you’re focusing on the consequences of failing.”

7. Opposites are good

“Most people … follow the most obvious solution.” Sometimes to climb you must use “opposing pressure.”

8. Strength ≠ success

“Balance is really critical and keeping weight on your feet, which is your strongest muscle.”

9. Know how to let go

“Once you get to that point you know it’s gonna happen, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to let go, because that’s the critical piece of not getting hurt … Don’t hang on until the bitter end.”