For most people, one big wall climb with the safety of ropes and a typical descent makes for a huge day out … But not for Austrian alpinist, Hansjörg Auer.

On August 8th, 2016, Hansjörg fulfilled a bold dream in Italy’s Dolomites, linking up three big wall free solo climbs with two paragliding flights in a matter of 12 hours. Over the course of the journey, he covered approximately 33km (20.5 miles) and a whopping 3,600 vertical meters (11,811 feet).

Below is a full account of his day:

  • 06:15 Start bivouac
  • 06:30 Start free solo of Vinatzer/Messner (800m, UIAA VI+)
  • 08:30 Summit Marmolada Punta Rocca
  • 08:45 Start flight #1
  • 09:15 Start hiking #1
  • 10:45 Start free solo of Abramkante (500m, UIAA VII-)
  • 12:00 End of route
  • 12:00 Start hiking #2 to Pisciadu Hut
  • 13:15 Start flight #2
  • 14:00 Start hiking #3
  • 17:15 Start Free Solo Große Mauer (300m / UIAA VII-)
  • 18:00 End of route
  • 18:15 Summit Sass dla Crusc

This week’s Friday Flick Pick leaps into a first-person view of some of the extreme moments of exposure during his massive and airy adventure.

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