Success in climbing comes with improved strength, improved mental capacity, and, of course, improved climbing skills. But are all climbing skills created equal? Likely not. In this video from Robbie Phillips’ YouTube Channel, Robbie shares 5 climbing hacks that have helped him break through barriers in his own climbing.

Climbing Hack 1

The Sticky Heelcam [0:50] – Don’t just place your heel on a hold, but place the heel so that it contacts the hold and the wall to lock it in place. Then rock your toes toward the wall by closing your hips, so that your foot is held steady between the two surfaces. Robbie says this is by far the best hack he’s ever discovered.

Climbing Hack 2

The Vise Grip [3:16] – Hold a pinch while crimping with the upper fingers and squeezing with the thumb.  Most people pinch with an open hand. The open hand is lower energy but can’t transfer as much force. When you really need to “squeeze the hell out of pinch,” go for the Vise Grip!

Climbing Hack 3

Kneebar (Cheeky!) [5:03] – This is a legitimate technique. Heck yeah! Go for it, practice it! You can learn how to rest the hands while putting the pressure on other parts of your body. (Don’t forget the knee-scum, when the thigh or knee are just pressing against the wall to take some weight off with a little extra friction.) Kneebars can be painful, so again we reiterate, practice them.

Climbing Hack 4

Secret Quarter Crimp [8:57] – the space between the half crimp and open hand grip. The half crimp takes a muscle strength to execute fully, however, the open hand can be aided with the thumb just like the full crimp. Next time, try placing your thumb on top of your index finger for higher force production.

Climbing Hack 5

Dyno Higher! [12:10] – It’s simple, but not easy. Pull in, then push. Timing is critical to make this work! Don’t push first with the legs, Don’t push with the legs and pull with the arms at the same time. First, pull in, then push with the legs for distance. Don’t pull up with the arms, pull in! Pull in, push up… and fly higher than ever before.

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