Like 4x4s in climbing … except not.

In her first two years of rock climbing, Nashville-native Courtney Woods managed to send a V10 boulder and 5.13a sport climb … Aside from being a monstrous crusher both in the climbing and yoga realms, and wife to lucky husband, Daniel Woods (talk about a promising gene pool!), Courtney has some quirks and experiences that might take you by surprise in this 5×5 Revelations:

things always taken climbing

1. My La Sportiva Solutions

2. My chalk bag

3. Water

4. A snack

5. A rain jacket

5 Weird Unknown Facts

1. Weird is subjective! I think what is weird to others maybe isn’t that weird to me, but I guess I do have 2 webbed toes on my right foot.

2. I don’t like trash bags that aren’t the right fit for the trash can.

3. I have probably 40 different pens because I get bored with the same one.

4. I drive a different way home every time.

5. I’m still obsessed with Harry Potter.

most memorable climbs

1. My first multi-pitch in Lofer, Austria

2. The Hatchling (V11) in the Rocklands, South Africa

 3. I may or may not have sent Daily Dick Dose, (V7) in Hueco on hallucinogens …

4. My first V11, Niviuk in Silvretta, Austria

5. The smallest crimp line I’ve ever done: The Shining (V11) in Austria

5 Places I'm Dying to Explore

1. Norway (which I’m about to visit)

2. Peñoles, Mexico

3. Argentina

4. Japan

5. China

changed my life

1. Yoga teacher training

2. Getting married

3. Owning a dog

4. Being a raft guide

5. Going climbing for the first time

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