Are you tired of the back pain you put up with daily? Climber posture can impact your neck and back, but you don’t have to suffer through the pain. There are a few ways to combat climber posture, but that isn’t all you can do.

Need more relief? Or maybe your back pain isn’t from posture, but from working at your desk, a bad bed, or some other sort of movement. Whatever the pain is coming from, we’ve laid out a few key relief methods to try if you have back pain. Take a look!

Try Out Physical Therapy

We know. This is probably the first thing people tell you to try for back pain. But it’s for a good reason. When you stick with their recommendations and exercises, it can support your body.

So if you go, make sure to follow through. Go as often as they say, do the exercises as often as they tell you, and you’ll start to feel relief soon.

The best part is they can better pinpoint what areas of your back are weaker and cause more strain or pain!

Head to a Chiropractor

As we mentioned, back pain can occur because of various reasons. Whatever causes yours, heading to a chiropractor is a great way to relieve it. There are a few back issues that chiropractors can fix; you need to make sure you stay consistent with going.

Whether your back pain stems from neck stiffness or sacroiliac pain, letting a chiropractor crack it the right way could be the fix you need.

Unwind With Acupuncture

Now, this is a wonderful relief method to try if you have back pain, but it’s often one of the “scarier” ways. Many people never feel the release of acupuncture solely because they’re too nervous to try it out. But it’s not as worrisome as it looks!

It can stimulate different points or energy channels along your back, bringing some much-needed ease to your neck and back.

Listen to Your Body

Listening to your body is one of the most important things you can do to ease the pain. If you push yourself too hard on a workout or don’t make changes based on the pain you feel, the discomfort will continue and increase.

Make sure to pause on specific movements that trigger pain. Also, ensure you stretch properly after any movement. If you notice pain, try to remember what could have caused it, and stay wary of it moving forward. If you don’t listen to what your body needs, you put yourself in unnecessary pain.

Practice Stress Relief

Our last tip for easing pain is to practice stress relief. Meditation, yoga, and even a healthy work-life balance can help limit stress and reduce back pain.

Try out a few of these ideas and see how the pain can ebb. Stick with it, and you should soon see results!


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