Happy 2017 to all of you, and thank you for tuning in with us for a brand spankin’ new year at Moja Gear—a year we vow to make the most incredible one for climbing content yet.

But before we completely kick 2016 aside, our team wanted to highlight a list of the best articles and videos of this past year, based on the most popular pieces within the climbing community (determined by analytics) and our team’s personal favorites.

We hope you’ll enjoy re-living or experiencing these pieces for the first time as much as we did.

What’s In Your Pack: Peter Croft on Gear and Alpine Efficiency

By Sander DiAngelis

Slack for iOS Upload-min

An in-depth interview with Peter Croft with lessons on gear and alpine strategies. Find out his favorite cams, how to make great coffee, and the best climbing shoes ever.

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Chasing the Ravens: 6,000 Miles on the Wings of Dean Potter

By Bobbijo Sawchyn


Dean Potter was a renegade; controversial in his actions but an inspiration to so many. Here’s a story of that inspiration—of what it means to fly free.

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BiCi Vertical Trip Report: Biking 1700km and Climbing 100 Pitches Through Patagonia

By Heinrich Flaig and Kevin Boyko


Over 1700km of biking plus over 100 pitches of climbing across the Patagonian landscape; hear the story of this pair’s BiCi Vertical adventure.

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Dirtbag Tricks: Finding Love and Free Showers

By Joel Ryan

Dirtbag in a hot spring

Get the best beta for staying clean on the road, and maybe even finding true love along the way, too.

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Essay: Looking for a Partner, Pants Off Limits



A story about the unfortunate experience many women climbers encounter when seeking a male climbing partner.

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Dirtbag Tricks: How to Stay Warm When It’s F****** Cold

By Joel Ryan


If there’s one thing most climbers hate, it’s being miserably cold at the crag. Get tips and tricks to stay warm while climbing and camping.

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How (and 5 Reasons Why) To Live in a Van

By Sander DiAngelis


Learn how to live in a van: where to park, how to make money, and how to stay clean. Also, find 5 reasons why you too should consider van life.

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6 Tips to Climb Harder Than Ever … While Working Full Time

By Natalie Siddique

crushing at life

So you want to climb like Ondra or Puccio … but you work 9 to 5. Don’t fret—your job doesn’t have to crush your soul. You can crush and work full time too.

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Haywire: Cheyne Lempe & David Allfrey on Baffin Island’s Big Walls

By Cheyne Lempe


A raw and captivating look into Cheyne Lempe’s journey to Baffin Island with climbing partner, David Allfrey.



An Intimate Chat with Hobo Greg — A “Hitchhiking Mad Man” Living in Joshua Tree

By Georgie Abel

Hobo Greg

An intimate and candid audio interview with none other than “hitchhiking mad man” and dirtbag climber, Hobo Greg. This is one you don’t want to miss.

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