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On September 3, climbing prodigy Adam Ondra once again astounded the climbing world with the completion of Project Hard (5.15d/9c)—his latest futuristic sport climbing project at Norway’s Flatanger Cave. At 5.15d, this route has become the hardest climb in the world.

This near 150-foot route includes a 10-move V15 section, which Ondra himself has claimed to be one of the hardest problems in the world on its own. Following this, Project Hard moves through two more cruxes: a V13 and V9.

Watch footage of Ondra on Project Hard:

Ondra reflected these thoughts on his send:

In the morning it felt like every other day on the Project. It was hot, but the air was crystal clear and dry. But I felt very little pressure and lot of psyche. Key ingredients for sending the world’s first 9c. 

And just in case anyone forgot, Ondra has also established some of the hardest boulder problems in the world (multiple V16s) and climbed the hardest sport climbs in the world (every 5.15c). Not to mention, he also sent the Dawn Wall —the world’s hardest big wall climb—during his first ever trip to Yosemite last year.

Once again, Adam has successfully inspired us all.

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