Every time Alex Honnold sits down for a video it’s sure to get millions of views. Here Alex answers questions about climbing in his typical deadpan tone. While certainly good entertainment this is a great video for new climbers or for sharing with your flatlander friends (people that don’t climb). Alex does a great job translating climber-speak to regular people. He’s had some practice speaking on the topic since his 2018 Free Solo of El Cap.

Favorite question:

Alex, how do rock climbers get their ropes back when coming back down? must cost em a fortune

If you want to know how you can get your rope back after a climb you better watch the whole video!

Here are some notable Honnold quotes:

knee dropping, the Brits call it the Knee-gyptian

for a beginner, it is better to use crack gloves and learn good technique

climbing shoes affect your performance more than any other piece of climbing equipment



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