Considered one of the biggest (and best) granite walls in the High Sierra, the Incredible Hulk is on the bucket list of just about every alpine climber. And it’s no surprise, given that many of the routes on the Incredible Hulk were first developed by legendary climber, Peter Croft—who continues to establish new, hard lines on this iconic wall today.

With a multitude of hard routes that delve well into the 12+ range, this staggering 1500-foot wall guarantees a challenging all-day adventure, no matter who you are. Not to mention that getting to the base (which sits at 11,000 feet) requires a 5-mile approach, involving several thousand feet of elevation and plenty of talus.

In this week’s Friday Flick Pick, follow Alex Honnold and Emily Harrington as they set out to climb Solar Flare (5.12d, 9 pitches) on this majestic chunk of rock.

Alex wants to simul-climb the first four pitches, but I was thinking we’d just climb it like normal people—but he can’t like, chill …

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