An Interview with Sierra Blair-Coyle

We recently had the opportunity to speak with 21-year-old climber, model, and social media phenom, Sierra Blair-Coyle. Sierra was voted as one of the Top 99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015 by AskMen, has competed in World Cups since 2010, and was a two-time National Champion as a junior competitor. Hear how this Arizona-native began climbing, what drives her passions and ambitions, and about her experience with this year’s World Cup circuit:

How did you get started with climbing? Tell us about the early days of your climbing career.

I began climbing when I was 8 years old. My first taste of climbing was at an outdoor mall by my house. They had an outdoor wall and I would beg my parents to take me back everyday so I could climb!

I told my parents that I wanted to become a professional rock climber, but at the time they did not know that climbing was an organized sport. Luckily, a few weeks later an article was in the newspaper about a local climbing team and how they had just competed at nationals. I joined the team, started competing, and the rest is history!

Sierra Blair-Coyle

MOAB, Priest Draw
Photo: Falken Tire/Cale Bunker

What kind of climbing do you love the most? Comp climbing, bouldering, sport, trad, alpine?

All types of climbing really are fun for me. Right now I am most psyched on bouldering and comp climbing, but there is a place in my heart for other types as well! Although, I cannot say I have trad climbed or alpine climbed yet.

What about climbing are you the most psyched on right now? Do you have a certain project or goal that you’re working towards?

Sierra Blair-Coyle Vail IFSC

2015 Vail World Cup
Photo: Joe Murphy

I am training super hard for the World Cup circuit right now. I have one more World Cup in Munich on August 14-15.


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Obviously it would be rad to make semis and finals at Munich, but my main goal is to keep improving my climbing. I already feel like such a more mature climber from the four World Cups I have already done this season. It has been a big learning experience for me and I am loving every minute of it.

Where do you see yourself as a climber in ten years? Do you have any desire to branch out into other forms of climbing, like big wall routes or expedition-style climbing?

In 10 years I see myself continuing to train, compete, travel, and having fun! I am sure at some point I will try some other types of climbing, but it is not the focus for right now.

You’re active on many different social media platforms. What do you hope to inspire with your posts on Instagram/Facebook?

On social media I am just sharing my life and the things I am doing at the moment. I hope that people enjoy seeing my posts and are excited to go on some of their own adventures!

Sierra Blair-Coyle bouldering

Geronimo, The Supes Photo: JBone

It seems like you’re really satisfied with your climbing career, despite some negative feedback you’ve received from the climbing community. What’s your secret to dealing with haters? Does the negativity affect you at all?

Sierra Blair-Coyle

Photo: SPY/Jackie Sterna

I focus on what is happening in my life and with my climbing. I am just living my dream and having fun!

Tell us about one of your proudest climbing accomplishments.

I would have to say that one of my proudest moments was qualifying in 6th for semi-finals at the recent Haiyang World Cup. I had been one attempt out of the two previous semi-finals (Chongqing and Vail), so it was awesome to qualify, let alone in 6th place!

What about climbing do you love the most?

I just love being able to have a good session with friends. It is so fun to be in the gym or outside and surrounded by a great group of people. The climbing is awesome and the laughs never stop!

Sierra Blair-Coyle is sponsored by Sanuk, Roxy, Falken Tire, SPY, Climb X Gear, BlueWater Ropes, Asana Climbing, Fuel:One, Sierra Sage Herbs, The Law Office of Devin W. Quackenbush, Friction Labs, Uncle Andy’s Jerky, and Quotable.

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