Learning how to build anchors is an essential skill to have as a climber, whether it’s for setting up a top rope or for use during multi-pitch climbs. Learn two anchor building tips from veteran climber, Hans Florine.

Anchor building tip #1

Hans Florine shows you how to build an anchor with a cordelette:

As with anything, expert supervision, practice, and knowledge should be used. You’d want to have proper tail length on those rope ends, you’d want to have the knot “dressed” properly and you’d want to be observant that the cord didn’t “jump” off the open cold shut on the left.

– Hans Florine


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Anchor building tip #2

Hans shares how he equalizes an anchor when the direction of pull has moved:


Anchor building tip #3

Hans shows how to equalize an untied cordelette anchor with clove hitches:

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