Since the earliest days of Moja Gear, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for an extra special climber to represent our team.

… A climber who radiates a level of zeal, stoke, creativity, and love for all that they do, in a manner that goes above and beyond the norm of the climbing community. And while there are many different talented climbers in this world who inspire us each day—boulderers, sport climbers, big wall masters, alpinists, ice climbers, and more—we wanted to sponsor the pursuits of a climber who stood out from the rest in an incredibly profound way.

For months on end, we patiently waited to cross paths with that magical climber whose values matched those of Moja and whose dirtbagging adventures we’d be more than pleased to support. And finally, the stars—or rather, the bricks—have aligned.

Today, we’re deeply honored to welcome Alex Legos to the Moja Gear team, as our first ever, sponsored climber.

Alex Legos, Moja Gear

Alex Legos Training


A brief bio on this Moja Gear Athlete:


I am 11 years-old.


I live in Mt. Victoria in the Blue Mountains of Australia.


Just about 3 inches.

Years of climbing: 

I’ve been climbing for 2 years; but I really just started training hard in the last year.

Preferred style:

I like different styles of climbing but excel in hard sport routes and boulder problems.

Favorite rock type:

My local climbing is on sandstone, so I’d say it’s probably my favorite type of rock to climb.

Ape index: 

I have a negative ape index of about -5, but I find it doesn’t hinder my climbing.

Diet (how he maintains a rock-solid body):

I love to eat all types of Pasta. Leggo’s [Australian brand] spaghetti and meatballs is my most favorite.

Training regimen: 

I train by climbing, bouldering, and campusing with some gym workouts thrown in. It has to be fun!

Favorite destination: 

Yosemite would have to be my favorite destination. It has every type of climbing. World class bouldering, multi-pitch trad climb, sport climbing, aid climbing and even ice climbing in the winter. It also has the best looking cliff in the world, El Capitan.

Most memorable ascent: 

Dream Life (V15) would have to be my most memorable ascent. I trained specifically for it and all the hard work paid off the day I sent it.


10959397_1541529609449160_2608871384347980696_nAlex Legos Bouldering

I am excited to get on board with Moja Gear because they give back to the climbing community, which means a lot to me.

– Alex Legos


Alex Legos Moja Gear

We’re incredibly proud to welcome Alex to the Moja family!


Be sure to follow Alex Legos on Facebook and Instagram. And to learn more about Alex, stay tuned for his Climber Spotlight that will released in our Journal on April 12.