My creative background

I am a 2D and Stop Motion animator based in Brisbane, Australia. Previous to training as an animator, I had only known how use traditional paints, pencils, and canvas. These days I’m exploring the digital side of art and learning how to design, paint, and draw in photoshop and animation softwares. My favourite materials to animate with are paper models and tea lights. I usually end up using my wardrobe as a make-shift studio.

I am by no means an accomplished climber, as I just began climbing early last year, but I can’t help but love it. The strength, skill, and determination required to push and pull your body up that cliff never ceases to amaze me. I just recently decided to express this new-found fascination in design and sent them to Moja Gear. My head is still brimming with ideas for future designs which I hope to share soon …


Design 1 (Climbing Hand):

I wanted to draw a climbers’ hand because, in a culture of computers, small screens and minimal physical labour, I kinda love the gritty feeling of chalk and dirt and climbing blisters all over my hands.

climbing hand


Design 2 (Climbers’ Triptych):

The idea behind this one was determination in climbing. When I climb I fall a lot, but I think it’s important to keep on getting back on the rock and trying to get on up that cliff!

Climbers' Trptich


Design 3 (Stretch It Out):

I basically just wanted to have a bit of fun drawing whacky poses for this piece but I can totally relate to the poor girl struggling to get her limbs working.



Design 4 (Mt. Moja):

This piece is my take on the Moja Gear logo. Since all my other designs are more illustrative, I though I’d try a more graphic and bold design (with a little bit of fun colour thrown in).

Mt. Moja

Mt. Moja 2


Design 5 (Lone Chalk Bag):

I think this design could be a fun little climbers’ inside joke.  A lot of people would look at the chalk bag as a t-shirt or canvas and wonder, ‘what the heck is that?’ But hopefully climbers would see it and think ‘hey, cool, you must be a climber too’.

Lone Chalk Bag

A huge, huge thank you to Elle for the incredible creativity and time she dedicated to these designs. We’re truly honored!