I have a lot of goals. My biggest one is climbing a V16, and climbing a 5.15a or b, and then climbing in the Olympics.

Never mind the fact that Ashima Shiraishi casually turns “one” goal into three of the loftiest in the sport of rock climbing, virtually no one doubts that this 15-year-old prodigy can achieve them all.

At 13, Ashima not only bagged the first possible female 5.15a ascent, but at 14, she achieved first female ascent of a V15 boulder—a level so difficult that few can even comprehend the mental and physical strength that this grade entails. Not long after, she went on to send a second V15.

Feats of this caliber aren’t just momentous because Ashima is young or because she’s a female. These are downright impressive achievements that easily place her among the greatest climbers in the entire world.

I don’t even know what to say sometimes when I hear about this stuff that she does. Because it’s so impressive and so far above anyone else her age and also just world class … for anyone.

Emily Harrington

… She’s really just basically one of the best climbers in the country, hands down.

Alex Honnold

Her ability to accomplish these incredible goals, however, isn’t just rooted in her obvious talent. It stems from her immense discipline, focus, and passion for the sport. This week’s Friday Flick Pick gives us an insider look into Ashima’s undoubtedly strong mind and her prospects for the future.

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