The Best Breakfast Burrito

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Many a famed Coloradoan have left their legacy on the climbing world: Josh Wharton, Johnny Copp, John Gill, and Daniel Woods to name a few. These crushers of new and old were fueled by passion, tenacity, and more importantly … The Breakfast Burrito.

If you happen to be stopping through the Colorado Front Range and are in dire need of sending power, check out these vetted purveyors of the tortilla. Each restaurant is rated based on 3 important categories and given a score on a 5/5 system for each (5 being the best).


What makes a good breakfast burrito?

Breakfast burrito

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Categories for quality breakfast burrito standards include:

  1. Size: Does this burrito fit in your hand, or does it require a wheelbarrow?
  2. Customization: How many ingredients can fit into the tortilla avoiding the dreaded rupture?
  3. Price: Can your dirtbag tendencies afford this price of luxury? (The more stars in this column, the cheaper the burrito be.)


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As follows are the best breakfast burritos in Colorado’s Front Range, sorted by geographic location:


Estes Park (Lumpy Ridge, Rocky Mountain National Park)

Notchtop Bakery & Cafe

Notchtop Bakery & CafeNotchtop

This small family owned operation sits just off the main drag in Estes Park.

Size: 4/5 – bigger than most, but with no sides included, it just misses out on the last star.

Customization: 5/5 – This restaurant offers the best customization. Veggie burritos are usually what I’m looking for, except I always add bacon.

Price: 4/5 – With an average price of $7.95 this burrito offers a great value.


Lyons (Rocky Mountain National Park, St. Vrain Canyon)

The Stone Cup

The Stone Cup

Located at the crossroads of St. Vrain Canyon and Estes Park, this local coffee shop is a favorite among climbers.

Size: 3/5 – A fair sized burrito that leaves you with room for maybe a muffin.

Customization: 2/5 – The burritos are handmade in-house, but the toppings are slim other than the standard of eggs, potatoes, black beans, onions, tomatoes, cheddar, and green chile sauce.

Price: 5/5 – $6.75 for the veggie burrito makes this one a great choice for some pre-sending fuel.

The Stone Cup

Top off your burrito with a little extra treat. Photo: The Stone Cup


Boulder (Eldorado Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Flatirons)

Snooze Eatery

Snooze Eatery

Located in the heart of Pearl St. in Boulder, get there early or prepare to wait among the college kids with their hangovers.

Size: 5/5 – This burrito scales in at the size of your arm and includes hash browns. The only burrito on the list to get the coveted 5 stars.

Customization: 5/5 – With over 37 choices of fillings, this burrito once again tops the charts.

Price: 1/5 – Start near $9 for the basic and then add about .75c per veggie and $1 per meat. If you make this burrito a regular in your morning routine, you might end up climbing at your local crag more often and skip those trips to the Creek.

Snooze breakfast burrito

Photo: Snooze Eatery Facebook

Whole Foods

Whole FoodsIf you make it through the parking lot without getting hit, you’ll be rewarded with the land of wheat grass and globally conscious cookies.

Size: 3/5 – This burrito won’t fill you up, but won’t slow you down. A modestly sized tortilla bundle makes this burrito average.

Customization: 5/5 – Whole Foods is the king of adding whatever you want … for the right price.

Price: 4/5 – at $3.99 for the vegetarian and $4.99 for the meat option, Whole Foods serves up a great value.

Whole Foods breakfast burrito


 Santiago's breakfast burrito
Photo: Santiago’s

Conveniently located throughout the Front Range and known for being CHEAP!

Size: 1/5 – This burrito only comes in a fist sized option marking it very low on the size scale.

Customization: 2/5 – The only customization here is the amount of heat you want in the burrito. While the ingredients are unsure, the taste is amazing.

Price: 5/5 – At a whopping $2.25, Santiago’s has been the staple of the CU Boulder college diet since opening in 1990.

Santiago's Santiago's
Photos: Yelp!


Golden (Clear Creek Canyon)

Café 13

Cafe 13 Golden, Colorado

With plenty of sit-down work space, Café 13 is a favorite among the traveling “work from home” climber.

Size: 3/5 – Your standard tortilla size gives this burrito an average rating.

Customization: 2/5 – Coming with egg, pork, potato, pico de gallo, black bean and corn relish, and cheddar jack cheese, this burrito offers quality ingredients with little-to-no choice of customization.

Price: 2/5 – $9 makes this on the more expensive end of the scale, but I’ve yet to find a better burrito in Golden.

Cafe 13 breakfast burrito

Photo: Yelp!


Now to you

Do you have a favorite breakfast burrito from the Front Range missing on this list? Tell us about your spot in the comments below!


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