Use this buying guide to help determine which accessory cord and webbing best suits your needs. We’ve narrowed down the options to just a couple—the ones we feel are best based on price and performance. Recommendations are unbiased and the buying links are affiliate links—purchases made from them support our free content.

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About accessory cord and webbing

Accessory cord (often called cordelette) is circular (about 6mm in diameter) and used for setting up anchors or a rappel, but it is more compact than webbing when hanging on a harness. A useful length of accessory cord for most circumstances is 20-25ft.

Tubular webbing is flat nylon material, sometimes used to set up anchors or a rappel.

Best accessory cord: Sterling PowerCord Cordelette 6mm

Sterling’s 6mm PowerCord is thin enough to feel light on your harness, while also durable and strong enough to build a bomber anchor in a flash. Stronger than standard nylon, this 6mm PowerCord is rated to 19kN—it can support a load of up to 4800lbs.

Best webbing: BlueWater ClimbSpec 1″ webbing

Loved for its bomber construction by climbers and slackliners alike, this 100% nylon webbing from BlueWater beats out the norm of strength, durability, flexibility, and knotability of other webbing. The fine weave pattern and high thread count of this BlueWater webbing ensures that individual fibers get minimum exposure.

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