Nalle Hukkataival is a world-class boulderer who spends most of his time on first assents. In this video, Nalle takes the third send on one of America’s hardest boulders, Sleep Walker, a V16 in Red Rock near Las Vegas.

When you’re developing an area, you get to a project and don’t know if it’s going to be like a V2 or a V12 necessarily.  You just show up and you think it looks rad and you climb it. -Nalle

Let your self be mesmerized by Nalle’s flawless movements.  Nalle places his hands and feet with almost to adjustment at all. When climbing at this level the hand and foot placements must be flawless.

Interested in seeing the entire history of sends on Sleep Walker? Well, here you go!

First ascent of boulder Sleep Walker by Jimmy Webb


Second ascent of boulder Sleep Walker by Daniel Woods