The following post is a Campfire: a short story of 110 words or less and one photo. Want to take on the challenge? Submit your Campfire here.

Early morning, the journey begins.
Your Backpack, your buddy, your breath, you.
The steps so easy, the Vision so clear.

Lunchtime, this pitch seems endless.
The gear on your harness, the partner on belay, your stomach growls, you.
Meter after meter, the summit still far.

Evening, was it too much?
Everything wet, in desperation, exhausted, you.
Minute after minute, what is the goal?

Late at night, everything hurts.
Shot from the peak, legs in the bag, far below zero, you.
Summit is half time, descending tomorrow, why such pain?

A glimpse of a falling star, for this one moment!

Mountain View from Sleeping Bag

Photo: Ralf Reines “In the Alps at the border of Austria and Italy after a long day of alpine climbing in semi-perfect conditions.”

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