Black Mountain, CaliforniaWhy am I doing this?

We’ve hiked miles with heavy packs, my muscles are sore, I’ve been sleeping in a rain soaked tent for the past three days, I’m hungry. Why am I doing this? I pull on to the last climb of the day, moving slowly questioning, ‘why?’ again.

The first moves on our final climb feel hard, even though its 5.7. Why am I doing this? I cross over the light divide, going from the cold shadows of the route into the upper headwall into the final rays of light. I feel warmer now, the moves begin to flow and I look behind me. The sun sets slowly and the final orange warmth hits me.

I breathe and remember how beautiful this place that I am in is. Wow. The orange glow reminds me of why am I doing this. As I reach the anchors I remember how beautiful it is to wake up early, to listen to the sacred mornings, to climb all day long with good friends, and to arrive back to camp by moonlight. This life is beautiful. Thank you, Sun.

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