Indian Creek Thanksgiving

Photo: Lisa Cyr

It’s a spot.

It’s a catch.

It’s a ride to the crag.

It’s sharing your crash pad, your shoes, your chalk bag—switching between burns.

It’s the patient belay.

It’s scrubbing, cleaning, scheming, dreaming, projecting, encouraging, sending—Together.

It’s: Send it. Try hard. Crush it. Allez. You got it. Venga.

It’s planning for next weekend on Sunday night, uncovering snowy boulders in February, hiding under overhangs and watching the rain.

It’s being shown how to clip, how to clean, how to lead.

It’s splitting the last Clif bar with four pitches left.

It’s those you can always call on.

This community, this family, is one I’ll be ever thankful for.

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