The scoop on the average denim blue jeans:

We all own at least one pair, and probably wear them more than we’d like to admit. They fit great, and maybe only bear a rip or two. But have you ever considered what goes into producing that single pair of beloved pants that we all so devotedly rely on?

The unfortunate truth of that matter is that the manufacturing process of most denim out there is a dirty one.

The jeans in which we romp in the woods and frolic down the street were more likely than not made from cotton grown with pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers —with names we can’t even pronounce. They resulted in more gallons of wastewater and CO2 emissions than we’d ever wish to see or breathe. And that denim wrapping our legs on the daily, was likely sewn together by the hands of a worker in sub-optimal working conditions and receiving inadequate pay.

Why denim is filthy business:

Recognizing these issues, Patagonia has made it their mission to redefine the denim process.

Aiming to change the industry standards, Patagonia’s new denim jean line changes everything from the cotton they use, to the dyeing and sewing processes of jeans—in order to deliver a classic, comfortable, and fashion-forward pair of pants that …

Are made of 100% organic cotton

This cotton is free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. For more info on Patagonia’s cotton practices, read Patagonia and Organic Cotton: A Case Study, and watch the video below:

Use 84% less water

Use NO toxic dyes or effluent

Produce 25% less CO2 emissions

Require 30% less energy

Through a revolutionary dyeing process, Patagonia has found an innovative method for creating the blue jean look we all love in a manner that reduces wastewater, harmful chemicals, energy emissions, and produces less carbon dioxide than the conventional denim dyeing process that relies upon synthetic indigo.

Are Fair Trade Certified™ sewn

Every pair of Patagonia denim jeans are Fair Trade Certified. What does that mean? It ensures that the workers who create that treasured and everlasting pair of pants for you, receive a premium payment that they can use towards elevating their standard of living and giving back to the overall improvement of their communities.

Patagonia Denim


More details on the style and fit of Patagonia denim jeans:

Now that you know the ethics behind their denim, you’re probably curious about the look and fit of the all-new Patagonia jeans. We recently had a chance to test them out for ourselves; trying out Patagonia’s Men’s Straight Fit Jeans and the Women’s Slim Fit Jeans (both $99).

Patagonia jeans

Photo: Stacey Rupolo

Having never worn any Patagonia pants in the past, we banked on our general sizes—crossing our fingers that they’d actually fit right. Surprisingly, given how hard it can be to blindly size correctly, they did. And while fit varies across body types, these jeans feel specifically designed with an outdoor-venturing body type in mind.

The Men’s Straight Fit Jeans rest comfortably on the waist, and per their name, are designed straight fitted down to the ankle. Meanwhile, the Women’s Slim Fit Jeans rest just under the waist, feature a bit of spandex for an added comfortable stretch, and finish at a length that allows for cuffed or ankle-hugging styling.

A closer look at the fit of these jeans:

Men’s Straight Fit Jeans

men's straight fit jeans

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Women’s Slim Fit Jeans

Women's slim fit jeans

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The soft quality of the denim makes them feel like a pant you can get do more than just walk in. We’d gladly go out bouldering in these jeans and would surely rock them in nicer settings as well. We’re big fans of multi-functional pants, and these ones feel especially apt for that.

It’s also hard not the love the bold, dark, yet unmistakably blue denim color of these Patagonia jeans. You can’t help but be excited to see how the color will change overtime and through some extensive use.

Patagonia Denim Jeans

Photo: Stacey Rupolo

At $99, the ethical and environmental benefits alone make these revamped jeans worth a moment of your consideration. And as with all Patagonia products, you can bet these jeans will last you a long load of adventures into the future.

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