As climbers, the possibilities for what features can inspire us spans the unfathomable depth of what manifests in nature. Accordingly, some of us are drawn to long sport routes, others to seamless splitter cracks, a few to intimidating highballs, and even some seek ice climbs that coat the world’s cliffs each winter. And then there are those who choose to take their climbing to the next, highly unconventional level.


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Professional ice climbers, Aljaz Anderle and Klemen Premrl fall into the category of climbers that take their passion for ascension into another realm. Infatuated by frozen water, this pair seeks the ultimate ice climbing routes that form on giant icebergs in the middle of the Arctic.

Join the daunting and eye-opening adventure with Klemen and Aljaz, as they travel aboard the La Louise through the waterways of Greenland’s Disko Bay to ascend wildly breathtaking routes on extremely fragile surfaces.

 [Icebergs are] kind of not really made for climbing. They’re dangerous, unpredictable, and tend to crumble pretty unexpectedly.