With a height, ape index, and rounded hands so unbelievably unideal for climbing, it’s astonishing that 3-inch tall climber, Alex Legos has even found a way to get off the ground. Yet despite these ridiculous physical limitations, 11-year-old, Australian-native Alex, has reached unprecedented levels of success during his mere two year-long climbing career.

Alex explains,

In the first year of climbing I realized I had phenomenal pinching power, so therefore began developing my technique and endurance.


Since then, Alex has experimented across all climbing realms: bouldering, sport, trad, ice, and bigwalls. And while he significantly enjoys all styles equally, his achievements suggest his strength lies greatest in hard sport routes and boulder problems. Already, this square-bodied crusher has sent a 5.15a sport route and the infamous boulder problem, Dream Life (V15)—a climb that Alex deems his most memorable ascent of all time.


His stomping grounds lay in the Blue Mountains of Mt. Victoria in Australia,where he predominantly climbs on sandstone. But climbing is only one aspect of this passionate figure’s life. Alex enjoys an array of other activities, including dry-tooling, highlining, B.A.S.E jumping, mountain biking, kayaking, and yoga. He’s truly a climber who has learned to find a balance between his focus and dedication to climbing with other avenues of recreation.

I train everyday and still find plenty of time to play with my friends and go bike riding and walk the dog.

Alex Legos drytooling

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At such a young age and having overcome stout physical barriers, Alex has already established himself as an impressive and inspiring climber whose future undoubtedly holds more remarkable achievements. This crusher has serious ambitions ahead:

I would like to travel the world and climb all the hardest routes/problems in every country I visit and hangout with climbers that share the same passion. I’ve climbed in Yosemite and New Zealand and hope to get to Europe as there are so many climbs I want to do there.

Alex Legos Honnolding

Alex Legos Honnolding

I would like to thank my sponsors Moja Gear and Kletterretter for all your support.

alex legos

Photos: Courtesy of Alex Legos

Our team at Moja is incredibly honored to have recently welcomed Alex as our first sponsored climber. We can’t wait to follow and support all of your incredible successes to come, Alex!

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