This week, we’re spotlighting Daila Ojeda—one of the most dedicated, strong, and fearless climbers out there, whose palpable motivating spirit inspires female climbers all around the world.

Despite having grown up in the sea-loving paradise of the Canary Islands, Daila discovered the magic of rock at age 18, after seeing a bouldering competition in her village. Thereafter, a spark of passion compelled her to pursue the sport indefinitely, which led her to Catalunya, Spain: a Mecca for sport climbing.

For me climbing is a special kind of physical activity, formative activity that teaches you about the absolute. Climbing keeps me in contact with nature and teaches me to respect the environment. It allows me to discover who I am each and every day. Climbing helps me to persevere, to not give up or to succumb easily, to overcome my fears.

– Daila Ojeda

Take a peak into the life of this Canarian crusher:

Since making Spain her home, she’s proven herself as an accomplished climber, with first female ascents of Mind Control 5.14c (8c+), Fish Eye (8c), and other powerful sport climbs in the region that have become established as classic modern day test-pieces for climbers around the world to try. Last year, Daila faced a plaguing pulley injury, which kept her off the rock for six months. In an interview with Onsight, she explained that period as:

… a bad time but a good time. I realized that I was not happy not climbing. But I discovered that I needed to be balanced, to have a good life without climbing.

Daila has dedicated her life to developing as a climber and traveling the world; a combination that has enabled her to explore both culture and the outdoors. Daila relocated to Italy for a change of scenery, in an area with several quality crags and easy access to more in France. In other words, Daila is living the dream.

Keep up the spirit! We’re excited to follow your next great ascents and adventures!

Explore some of Daila’s travel and climbing trips:

Daila Ojeda is a professional climber sponsored by prAna, Scarpa, Petzl, Sterling Rope. To learn more about Daila, check out her blog, and follow her on Instagram.

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