This week we’re not shining the light on a full-time professional climber, but rather we’re highlighting one of the most inspiring weekend warriors around. We’d like you to meet Jason Haas: high school math teacher, co-owner of Fixed Pin Publishing, and rock climbing phenom.

While dedicating oneself full time to climbing is both admirable and impressive, equally as incredible, is managing to do it at an immensely high caliber while juggling a full-time job, and the demanding role as a father and husband. Jason Haas has seemingly defied the limits of time by dedicating every available moment he has to climbing.

Get a look at a day in the life of this weekend warrior:

Originally learning to climb on choss-riden cliffs in Michigan—this weekend warrior has a climbing resume that’ll make you consider an earlier start on your next weekend trip. Jason has achieved over 550 first ascents (up to 5.14), has many free solos under his belt, and bears the reputation of venturing into backcountry crags to explore new lines and free old aid routes.

I really enjoy that sense of trying to figure things out in the unknown.

Now a father to two kids, Jason has lessened his free soloing endeavors; however, his hunger to explore and attain new first ascents in unclimbed areas powers on. He has climbed across four continents and in 38 states—boasting FAs in a majority.

Hear more about Jason’s thoughts on free soloing and risk in this MTNmeister interview:

Jason not only immersed himself in the sport of rock climbing, but also in its community. As a co-owner of Fixed Pin Publishing, Jason has contributed to the creation of climbing guidebooks and authored six himself. Thanks for inspiring the weekend warrior in all of us Jason! Keep crushing!


Jason Haas is a full time math teacher, author of six climbing guidebooks, and a Trango athlete.