Scary, painful, and insecure …

oh and let’s not forget, masochistic, are just a few adjectives that surround the much-feared arena of offwidth climbing. This unique style in the sport carries a reputation of making most climbers feel like a terribly unsuccessful Goldilocks who has epicly failed to find the perfect bowl of porridge. In other words, offwidth cracks do not fit your hands, legs, or any of your limbs “just right.”

Pamela Shanti Pack, however, thrives in her passion to overcome and embrace these often deterring features of offwidth climbing, and has become a dominating leader in this incredibly demanding style of our sport. Offwidth climbing requires immense technique, strength, persistence, and courage—and since 2008, Pamela has made it a mission to channel her climbing skills to taking on the most challenging offwidths in North America.

Hear Pamela’s perspective as an “Offwidth Outlaw”:


This “Offwidth Outlaw” has achieved first ascents of unimaginable vertical and inverted offwidth routes across Utah and Wyoming, including Gabriel (5.13c) in Zion, The Forever War (5.13c/d R) in Vedauwoo, and numerous other 5.12s and .13s across these states.

Watch her climb The Forever War (5.13c/d R) in Vedauwoo, WY:

But don’t for a minute think that it’s been a painless path up these strenuous climbs for this 5’2” crusher. Pamela has endured an astounding list of injuries along her journey to excel in this style of climbing, which demands engagement from each and every part of the body. She’s fractured both ankles, torn intercostal and abdominal muscles, dislocated ribs, torn her rotator cuff, knocked out her front teeth, ruptured a kidney, and just last week, overcame a debilitating back injury after a 6-month recovery process. Now back and ready for action, Pamela refuses to stop until her body “absolutely can’t take anymore.”

Depending on your perspective, [offwidth climbing] is very, very fun.

-Pamela Pack


We’re psyched to see that you’re healthy and back to doing what you love, Pamela. Can’t wait to see your next big, crazy ridiculous, offwidth achievement!

Pamela Shanti Pack is a professional rock climber and surveyor, sponsored by Evolv, Clif Bar, Petzl, and Edelweiss. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.