When building out your trad rack, you can’t call it complete without boasting a solid set of passive protection on your harness. Sure, cams are great—but at the end of the day, a bomber nut placement always beats out a bomber cam (according to that classic(?) adage that a bomber nut beats a bomber cam beats a shitty cam beats a shitty nut …). Plus, what feels as satisfying as bearing down on a perfectly sized nut placed in a constricting crack?

Full Set DMM Wallnut Stoppers

Designed, refined, and tested by some of the boldest trad climbers (ahem, those crazy UK climbers!), the Wales-based company, DMM, doesn’t mess around when it comes to trad protection. And for good reason, their classic Wallnuts are often recognized as the benchmark wired nut. Their unique shape, impressive durability, and special groove feature provide an exceptional level of security in just about any constricting crack.

What sets these nuts apart from the rest is their unique groove feature, specifically designed to help you in dealing with the bizarre and funky cracks. The groove on the nut provides extra stability by easing their ability to set in the rock—it actually works with irregularities to make the placements more secure. The groove also reduces the overall weight in each nut.

Some climbers don’t like the groove, arguing that it contributes to the nuts being very difficult for the following climber to remove. But, is it such a bad thing that your lifeline is that secure?

Also special about DMM’s Wallnuts is their large curve and contoured shape, which allows you to place them in a variety of positions in the rock (especially useful in flaring cracks). Doesn’t fit right in its vertical position? Flip the nut on its side and you may find the bomber placement you’re seeking.

DMM Wallnut placements

Plus, for your convenience, Wallnuts are color-coded to make grabbing the right size easier. They’re also compatible with the colors used by other brands—so mixing and matching the gear on your rack isn’t a problem.

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