For decades, Yosemite Valley and the granite masterpiece that is El Capitan, have enticed rock climbers from all over the world to attempt to ascend its 3,000-foot walls.

And for the big wall dreamers who become routine adventurers up this monolith, a central place—the El Cap Bridge—serves as a climber stomping grounds for sharing and developing ambitions, beta, stories, friendships, and stoke. This interview, featuring an El Cap regular, shares insight into how the bridge has shaped the climbers who frequent this special place.

The community is super, super friendly … everyone is so nice. If you go and climb El Cap and come down and have stories to tell, people are proud of you. And if you don’t climb El Cap and bail, no one really cares!

One figure in particular known for establishing the scene and culture of this iconic spot in the Valley is Tom Evans, the creator ElCap Report—a website dedicated to capturing daily imagery and updates of climbers scaling El Capitan’s walls in the fall and spring.

Get to know a bit about Tom and the impact of his project below:

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