This is a fantastic video of the journey Emil Abrahamsson started in December of 2018 on The Big Island 8C/V15 boulder. The Big Island is located in the world-famous bouldering area of Fontainebleau, just south of Paris, France.

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Emil does a great job describing how he is learning the right body positions and nuances of the boulder. If you are interested in learning more about the subtleties of body position, then this is a great bouldering journey to watch again and again.

Want more of The Big Island?

Follow Emil Ambrahamsson’s YouTube channel for updates.¬†Below, check out more climbers and their sweet sends of The Big Island.

Dave Graham sends The Big Island boulder in 2008.

Keenan Takahashi sends The Big Island boulder in 2017

Nico Pelorson on The Big Island boulder in 2018