On Sunday, November 24th, professional climber Emily Harrington was rescued after pinballing 40 feet down El Cap. Emily fell during her attempt to free climb the Golden Gate (5.13b) route on El Capitan in one day. She was released from the hospital for the holiday, and will be heading home to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

See Emily’s interview from 2015 onĀ  projecting Golden Gate (5.13b) and check back next week for our recent interview!

Adrian Ballinger, Emily’s partner, shared an update via Instagram. We are all relieved to hear that Emily avoided a serious spinal injury, thanking the quick actions of climbing partner and El Cap expert Alex Honnold, as well as YOSAR (Yosemite Search and Rescue) who were on the scene within 90 minutes.

Moja Gear has been tracking Emily’s experience with the Golden Gate route for several years. Harrington worked the route in 2015 with Cedar Wright, eventually getting the send with her partner, professional high altitude climber Adrian Ballinger. For the past couple of years, Emily has been chasing the goal of not just free climbing Golden Gate, but completing the feat in a single day.

We had the opportunity to interview Emily a few weeks ago, and are scheduled to share that interview with our Moja Gear readers the first week of December! We discussed how her attempt from earlier this year was thwarted by heavy rains, which you can see in the DangerStikTV episode below.