This week’s Friday Flick Pick is incredibly well-shot. And, maybe that’s because it’s not filmed by dirtbags. Instead, El Capitan is part of Dior’s Tales of the Wild series. And for those living out of vans and under rocks, Dior is the luxury brand that makes fragrances, sunglasses, and million-dollar handbags. It makes sense that this video is kind of sick—we imagine their budget is a little bigger than this industry is used to …

In El Capitan, we follow a cinematic wonder-journey of Ethan Pringle climbing on a collection of California’s most stunning lines. Sure, yep, it’s for a fragrance company. But that doesn’t change the fact that Ethan is the real deal—he’s out there living for something bigger, staying true, and offering a source of inspiration for climbers and non-climbers alike. Good on you, Ethan.

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