In August 2019 Moja Gear changed ownership. In the letter below, co-founders Sander DiAngelis and Natalie Siddique, express their appreciation and love for the community that has supported them and grown Moja Gear since it’s founding. Moja Gear started as a small blog in 2013, incorporated in 2014, grew to thousands of members, and has touched climbers around the world.

Dear readers,
You might have noticed a silence on our front … a silence that I’m pleased to share, is now over.

And you’re probably wondering: why’d things go dark? What happened?

Let’s begin with a brief backstory: Moja Gear began as a university project in 2013. Shortly thereafter, I partnered up with my high school friend, Natalie, and we dove into the venture headfirst. While difficult, we made it work. We scraped by with just enough cash to sustain the site, pay writers, and live a fairly dirtbag climber lifestyle in hatchbacks, vans, and tents for years on end.

Driven by the contributions of readers and writers like you, Moja Gear’s stories, videos, athlete profiles, destination guides, and gear guides touched climbers at all corners of the globe. We spoke with legends and prodigies, touched on topics of sexism and racial inclusion, and pushed online climbing content in new directions. Over a million climbers, from nearly every country, tuned in.

Five years of work and it was all an adventure; a truly magical experience to participate in such a project among the most passionate community I’ve come to know.

But if there’s one thing that unites us as climbers, it’s a draw toward change—evolution: we crave new routes, new moves, and new horizons.

Life, too, is change. For Natalie and I, after years of efforts, it became time to move on. So we took a step back. When we did this, the truth is, we didn’t know how to share the news … we didn’t know what to say, we didn’t know what to do with the website, and we didn’t know what to tell to our most important relationships: writers, readers, and participants like you.

It’s because Natalie and I didn’t know where things were going. We were a bit confused ourselves.

And so, there was silence. And we scratched our heads, for well over a year, deciding what to do next.

Now, with a dose of sadness but also excitement for what’s to come, I’m emailing today to announce that Moja Gear is coming back to life. It has new climber owners to carry it into its next phase and I think that just maybe, they’ll make it even better than before ????

Stay tuned for an announcement from them tomorrow.

As we sign off, Natalie and I want to express our sincere thanks. We’re filled with a deep gratitude and appreciation for every one of you. Your participation, readership, and feedback fueled us for years. You made this possible.

Feel free to be in touch and just maybe, we’ll see you out there on the rocks sometime.

Sander DiAngelis (IG) & Natalie Siddique (IG)