Looking for a climbing book that isn’t just about hangboarding? Or how about some rock climbing drama beyond the typical threat of big whippers and frostbite? If so, then Falling for You is the book you are looking for. It may be the very first rock climbing romance novel ever! Well, except for the fact that this is actually the second book in the “Burlfriends” series by Jen Trinh. Book one, Crushing on You, was released in December 2019.

Falling for You opens readers to the lives of Lina Miller and Asher Friedmann. Lina is a PhD student in chemistry and an avid climber. Formerly a vanlifer, Lina has returned to the classroom while recovering from the loss of her husband, who died in a climbing accident. Meanwhile, Asher is a talented NYC musician and former climber whose trust fund isn’t quite enough to make up for his manchild tendencies.

As the story swaps narration back and forth between Asher and Lina, readers can enjoy Trinh’s expert translation of the male and female brain. From the raw physical attraction to the conflict and confusion of their inner reasonings, it’s a fun, and sometimes frustrating journey. Asher’s missteps in pursuing Anna—I mean Lina—will surely make you shout aloud at your copy of the book! But, when Asher and Lina finally connect, it’s likely to get your blood pumping a little differently than a typical climbing book. You aren’t going to learn these moves from the Anderson Brothers.

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The story is packed full of climbing references, puns, and descriptions of real climbing life. There’s even a flirtatious climbing song that Asher sings to Lina in the book, which you can watch Trinh perform below. With insights you could previously only get from your most intimate belay partner, Trinh has brought the life of the climber, the dirtbag, and lover into one book.


New to climbing and worried you may get lost in the climbing lingo and culture? No worries. Trinh placed a link at the beginning of the book to Moja Gear’s Climbing Dictionary. Just the kind of sweet gesture one might expect from a romance novelist.

As someone who spends a lot of time reading about rock climbing, I have to admit that this was my first romance novel. The story drew me in, and I found myself relating to Asher and Lina beyond just their urges to climb. I was jealous and frustrated over Lina’s attraction to Asher, with all of his immaturity, and I felt surprisingly at home in the minds of the characters as they got to know each other. For example, during Lina’s recollection of living on the road, she observed that, “There were basically only five different kinds of radio stations, all of them playing the same songs over and over. Thank goodness for podcasts and unlimited data.” Right on!

Throughout the book, I found my own adventures reflected back at me. These were more than the words of fictitious characters. These were real, relatable sentiments of climbers that had experienced the world, tasted the adventure, and sat through the dull in between, in a way that connected with my own restless desires.

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Stay tuned for the third and final book of the “Burlfriends” series coming Winter 2020, Take Me