Kickstart your inspiration to explore with a climbing trip to Ceuse, France alongside the talented climber, photographer, and writer Colette McInerney. This film—beautifully produced by Bearcam Media and brought to you by Five Ten—captures Colette’s summer of sendage at the Mythic Cliff.

You’ll quickly see why this place enraptures some of the world’s top climbers, including Jonathan Siegrist, also featured in this flick. If the awe-striking footage of the rock faces alone doesn’t bring tingles to your calloused hands, then Colette’s inspiring journey to capture Ceuse’s classic climbs will.

There’s a reason Ceuse stays on the map and is one of the only cliffs the Euros, with their beaucoup of conveniently placed limestone, will curb their morning slumberings and late night wine fiascos, and suck it up for the 45 minute hike in order to test out the classics and tech their way up airy faces of perfect pockets, edges and crimps.

-Colette McInerney