With the imminent arrival of winter, many of us have begun our seasonal migration back into the safe enclosure of climbing gyms, where holds are many and heaters are cranking. While the cold can be a total bummer for those of us itching to get outside, this Flick Pick assures that the frigid conditions we face could be much, much worse.

This week we’re featuring Katabatic: Exploring Antarctica’s Unclimbed Peaks, where Freddie Wilkinson, Mike Libecki, Cory Richards, and Keith Ladzinski of 3 Strings Productions take on the challenge of attaining a first ascent in the Wohlthat Mountain Range in the depths of Antarctica.

With whipping Katabatic winds of 100 mph, crumbling, unstable rock to climb, and frighteningly runout lines, this journey is no walk in the park. The team braves its way through the madness—all the way up to the point of striking distance of this aesthetic fin-shaped peak. Follow along to see where the elements take this courageous crew, in what can only be a thrilling adventure in a vast and unexplored land.

This is one of the most challenging environments for a climber that you can visit on planet Earth … it’ll be spicy for sure.