Most of us who take our climbing to the outdoors have a few locations that occupy a special place in our hearts—whether its because of the type of rock, atmosphere, or just the sheer beauty of its nature. And for many climbers, that place is Southeastern Utah; or more specifically, the Bears Ears region, which holds the desert crack climbing mecca of Indian Creek.


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Unfortunately, this 2 million acre region of breathtaking desert landscape and rich archaeological history has faced severe degradation from looters, inconsiderate visitors, and the impacts of oil drilling in the area. And that’s why passionate climber Josh Ewing —along with other local climbers, Native Americans, and conservationists—have made it a mission to actively protect this treasured region.

As climbers we’re defined by the lines we seek out, and as people we’re defined by what we care about and we do about it … My passion for climbing really is what helps me drive protecting this place … Just loving a place isn’t enough. You’ve gotta have a willingness to protect it.

– Josh Ewing


Hear Josh’s perspective on the need to protect this unique region and consider signing the Bears Ears Coalition Petition.

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