This week we’re showcasing Force—a Duct Tape Then Beer production directed by Fitz Cahall and Aidan Haley, and brought to you by Patagonia. This compelling film captures the fascinating decade-long journey of climber, adventurer, and photographer Mikey Schaefer—a man who has spent almost more time in Patagonia than anywhere else in his adult life.


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Driven by a powerful attraction to climbing and adventuring in this mystical and magical place, Mikey has achieved seven first ascents and countless epics there, including the FA of The Washington Route on Fitz Roy. Watch the story and evolution of his fear, growth, and achievements throughout his time in Patagonia.

There’s something about the granite spires of Patagonia … they’re just like magnets. I’m like ‘oh, I have to go there!’ It’s the aesthetic of them; the elusiveness of the summits. It’s the history of the place … It’s gone from being intimidating and scary, to inviting.

-Mikey Schaefer

For more information on Mikey, check out his website here. For more climbing footage in Patagonia, check out these videos.