Get ready for sweaty palms in this week’s featured Flick Pick

Once known as “Stonnis,” Black Rocks—a gritstone crag located in the Peak District of England—has held a reputation for its impeccably unique and challenging trad climbing since climbers first ventured onto its rock over 125 years ago.

The gritstone rock there features unfathomably slopey slopers and difficult crack lines, which make it an intimidating place for many of its visitors. Friction can be hard to come by, long runouts provide immense exposure, and bulgy slabs add a healthy dose of insecurity.

Rough, round, big, ugly, hard, and unforgiving … dark, big, imposing

are just a few ways climbers describe the climbing in Cromford’s Black Rocks …

Enjoy this full-length feature film about the climbers brave enough to take on Black Rocks gritstone.

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