One of the most incredible aspects about the sport of climbing exists in the fact that we can truly never run out of rocks to climb. New areas are constantly being discovered and developed around the world; expanding the scope of the playground our world has to offer.

Arguably, the next North American climbing frontier lies in neighboring Mexico, where only few lucky climbers have tasted the first bites of some of the most stunning and high quality rock areas. Popular spots like El Potrero Chico and El Salto just scratch the surface, and have only recently seen development. Why only now? Route Developer, Ulrich Rousseau explains:

Dude, you can’t even convince Americans to recycle. How are you going to convince them to bolt ground-up on hooks with scorpions and snakes in a country with cartel wars?

Despite a slow discovery of Mexico’s incredible rock, the beautiful climbing exposed in this video will make you want to plan your own ‘Mexpedition.’