With all of the excitement surrounding the magic taking place on the Dawn Wall, we wanted to bring you another dose of impressive feats performed by Tommy Caldwell.

In February 2014, Tommy and similarly masterful climber, Alex Honnold took to an epic journey to send the coveted Fitz Traverse found on the Cerro FItz Roy in Patagonia. This long thought to be impossible route bears seven summits, 13,000 feet of vertical gain on snow, ice, and rock, and spans across four miles of terrain. It also requires extensive rappelling the entire way, making it a tedious endeavor. Nevertheless, the impressive climbing duo took their chances and made the first ascent of this iconic Patagonian route in five days. Watch A Line in The Sky to see the wild adventure of climbing phenoms, Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold:

The idea to traverse the entire thing seemed like one of the most obvious, awesome objectives I had ever seen.
-Tommy Caldwell