It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner, but not nearly as hard as the climb featured in this week’s Friday Flick Pick. Though a short video, there’s absolutely nothing short or easy about Canadian mixed climber and paraglider, Will Gadd’s unbelievable ascent from last February.

At that time, Will completed an eight-hour journey up 200 meters of the most difficult mixed climbing terrain in the world, which just happens to be beside the forth highest waterfall in Canada: Helmcken Falls. Undoubtedly an epic affair, this nominee for National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year made his way through seven pitches to the top out this waterfall in British Columbia, achieving the first ascent of what he named, Overheard Hazard—the hardest known mixed climb ever completed.

Will first became drawn to the idea of completing this climb six years ago, and he immediately knew it would be no easy feat. With a water flow from the Falls that doesn’t freeze, and unfathomable overhang sections on this route, getting onto the climb alone presents a challenge. In fact, his team spent two weeks in the middle of winter, rigging this climb in sub-zero temps to make it possible. Nevertheless, Will endured the grueling eight hours of insanely difficult climbing and conditions on this incredible route to make his dream come true.

Hundreds of hours, all those years of climbing, just to get right here, right now … Right here, right now, I’m really stoked.