Slinging Nuts: Steph Davis’ New Gear Sling

What makes a great gear sling? For most, the essential function is pretty simple: provide for easy racking, don’t get in the way, stay comfortable. The Simple Gear Sling does just that.

In all its beauty, here's the Simple Gear Sling.

In all its beauty, here’s the Simple Gear Sling.

In a market full of large, multi-looped, highly adjustable, heavy, and excessively robust options, the Simple Gear Sling returns to humble gear slings roots … seamless racking capabilities at a light weight. As a whole, gear slings are quite popular as they provide for the easy transfer of the rack between climbers and they can be easily adjusted as you scamper up a chimney.

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The Simple Gear Sling gets the job done at a low cost and in a comfortable manner. Sizes come in S, M, L, and XL. And at $26 (shipping included) it can be yours.

Not typically sling-rackers, our adjustment period was short. In the exception of the slab, where keeping the gear in position was a challenge, we found ourselves quite fond of this item.


How to get your own

Shoot a PayPal payment to Steph Davis via to get your hands on this item.

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