Holiday Shopping Guide: Camping Connoisseurs

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Have someone on your list who’d rather spend every night under the stars? Then they’ll love these camping essentials …

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern — $39.95

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

Black Diamond’s Voyager Lantern duels as both a flashlight and a compact non-glaring lantern that serves to perfectly illuminate any campsite, cooking area, or tent. One convenient switch allows you to control exactly the method of lighting you want to use, and a collapsible double-hook hang loop lets you hang your Voyager anywhere you need and desire. With a 75-lumen beam from the lantern, 50 lumens through the handheld flashlight, and a burn time of 100 hours, this versatile lantern/flashlight hybrid reliably brightens any nighttime adventures.

Why they’ll love it:

For anyone who frequently spends their nights outside, the versatility of BD’s Voyager will be greatly appreciated. Instead of having to carry both a lantern AND a flashlight in their pack, your gift will help them further simplify their nights in nature.

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Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Rechargeable Speaker — $59.99

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Rechargeable Speaker

Long gone are days of leaving your jams behind when you head out into the wilderness. With the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Speaker, your favorite playlist is as portable as you are. Boasting a superior sound system and easily navigable controls, this water-resistant speaker comes in a range of colors and has over 20 hours of run time. You can refuel these via Goal Zero solar panels, or any USB power source. Whatever the occasion, this speaker system lets you bring the beats wherever your adventures may take you.

Why they’ll love it:

Having the option to throw a dance party wherever you are is something we all want to have. So this holiday season, get your favorite, groovy camper a speaker system they can bring with them wherever they choose to lay their head at night. They’ll be dancing their pants off before they can tell you how thankful they are.

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MSR WhisperLite Stove — $89.95

MSR WhisperLite Stove

No need to whisper about the benefits of this stove. The WhisperLite is an iconic piece of cooking gear, both easy to use and shockingly lightweight (11oz). Foldable for compactness, simple to ignite, and able to run on affordable white fuel, this stove reliably fuels all of your outdoor meals. The WhisperLite can boil 30L of water on just one 20oz bottle of fuel—an amount more than ample for most trips into the outdoors.

Why they’ll love it:

MSR’s WhisperLite Stove stands as perhaps the most trusted stove to have in the outdoors, and if you’ve got a special one on your list lacking a way to make their meals, they’ll whole heartedly appreciate this reliable choice.

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MSR Alpinist 2 Cooking System — $89.95

MSR Alpinist 2 Cooking System

When there’s only two of you to feed after a full day of rambling through the wilderness, MSR’s Alpinist 2 Cook System provides you with just what you need to cook and eat quickly and conveniently. The main pot encloses the kit, which holds 2 deep dish plates (great for soups or on cooler nights) and two insulated mugs so you can have your post-dinner Hot Toddies stat. The lid of the pot also has steam release and strainer functionality—typically a nightmare in the backcountry when pasta’s on your mind. Light, and easy to pack, this is a great cook kit for two.

Why they’ll love it:

The gift of MSR’s Alpinist 2 will please any campaholic on your list. Backed by the trusted craftsmanship of MSR, it offers everything you need in a lightweight and ultra simple kit.

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Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit — $119.95

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit

While the no-service zone is an ideal place to disconnect, it tends to leave our batteries drained. Keep your electronics juiced on the trail with this portable charging kit. The Guide 10 battery pack can be charged via USB or solar panels. The Nomad 7 panel can energize your battery with the sun, delivering a three-hour charge in full sunlight, while power from USB offers a six-hour charge time. Users can expect a full recharge for smartphones, GoPro devices, and digital cameras. Headlamps can be repowered twice, while tablets will gain a 25% boost. This kit also includes a 12V cigarette adapter, four rechargeable AAA batteries, and a AAA adapter.

Why they’ll love it:

Whether backpacking to a remote peak or hitting the crag for the afternoon, the Goal Zero Guide 10+ Kit offers a durable solution to the waning battery woes of any outdoor adventurer on your list. They’ll be psyched to know they can stretch their time outside, just that much further.

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Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800-Fill 2-Season Sleeping Bag — $349.95

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 800-Fill 2-Season Sleeping Bag

Bringing your bed into the backcountry has never been easier with Sierra Designs’ Backcountry Bed 800-Fill 2-Season Sleeping Bag. Chosen as a 2014 Editor’s Choice for both Climbing Magazine AND Backpacker, this bag is constructed with a no-zip construction, integrated comforter, and a sleeve to allow for easy sleeping pad integration. It features a self-sealing foot vent that allows you to air your feet out, or keep them covered from drafty conditions, and its DriDown technology makes sure that when your bag gets wet, it gets dry and warm extremely fast. This bag provides warmth down to 29°, and weighs just 2 lbs 3 oz. And with a lifetime warranty to ensure quality, you won’t for a second regret bringing this truly a one-of-a-kind sleeping bag with you to the great outdoors.

Why they’ll love it:

This sleeping bag is truly like bringing a bed with you into the outdoors, and that extra lucky person on your list you choose to gift it to, won’t stop thanking you for their perfect nights under the stars. They might even abandon their house altogether …

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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad — $129.95

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad

Gone are the days of hauling around a huge foam pad and still getting cold when at night. Therm-a-Rest’s NeoAir XLite finally delivers an inflatable mattress that provides true warmth and comfort. Without sacrificing functionality, the NeoAir XLite removes etra material around the feet to cut down on space and weight. It utilizes ThermaCapture™ technology to trap radiant heat from your body, by incorporating a unique heat reflecting mechanism. Innovative and high quality, this pad is also as compact as your trusty Nalgene water bottle.

Why they’ll love it:

When it comes to campers who aren’t afraid to take on the cold backcountry, they need a pad that’s as tough as they are. The technical superiority and reliability of Therm-a-Rest’s NeoAir XLite will make the mountain meister in your life thrilled for his next adventure that leads him to nights on this pad.

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Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Backpacking Tent — $389.95

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Backpacking Tent

If you enjoy the freedom of going ultralight and spending nights under the stars, you won’t be disappointed by the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2. This 2-person tent weighs only 2lbs 5oz, and perfectly bridges the gap between a bivvy and a bulky conventional tent. With an easy setup—thanks to the DAC Twist clips—you can build your home for the night quickly, each and every time. Best of of all, the nylon mesh body opens you up to 360° views and the nature around you.

Why they’ll love it:

Got an ultralight hero on your holiday list? Then pick them up the Fly Creek UL2 this holiday season, to help them shave off every last ounce as they venture out with this reliable, compact, and robust tent.

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