Gear Review: Friction Labs Chalk — Delivering Friction Straight to Your Hands

chalk matters

Does chalk really matter?

We actually think so; and that’s why we’ve been stoked about Friction Labs—a company dedicated to providing the climbing community with high-quality climbing chalk that comes in a variety of textures.


What makes FrictionLabs chalk different?

The idea behind Friction Labs started when two long term climbers, Keah and Kevin, got fed up with the lack of variety and quality among climbing chalk.

We experienced some awful chalk and thought we could do better,

In the process they discovered that many popular chalk brands contain high amounts of “fillers” such as Calcium Carbonate, which is a compound that attaches water to the outside of its structure, causing our hands to feel moist and slimy. On the other hand, Magnesium Carbonate, which is known for its exceptional drying effects, was found in low quantities.

Chalk difference

More Magnesium Carbonate = Drier Hands = Better Performance

To remedy this, Keah and Kevin decided to create a chalk that is high in Magnesium Carbonate and low in Calcium Carbonate. After crafting their special chalk formula, FrictionLabs had an independent lab analyze the components of their chalk against other popular brands.

The results were surprising …

Chalks tested include Bison Ball, Metolius Super Chalk, Evolv, and Metolius Block.


With FrictionLabs, you choose the blend that suits you best

They also noticed that climbers have distinct preferences when it comes to the texture of their chalk—some like very fine grains, and others like their chalk a little chunky. While the compound of all FrictionLabs chalk is the same, there are three different textures to choose:

Bam Bam (super chunky), Gorilla Grip (chunky), and Unicorn Dust (fine-grained).

Bam Bam

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Gorilla Grip

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Unicorn Dust

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What we think about their chalk …

Our team put this chalk to the test. And for us here at Moja Gear, we couldn’t be more psyched about FrictionLabs chalk.

At first, we were a little weary about their claims—

Does the kind of chalk you use really matter?

That question was quickly answered when we experienced the noticeable difference that this chalk makes in our climbing. After first use of FrictionLabs chalk, we found ourselves needing to re-chalk far less than usual—and instead of encountering the eventual greasiness regular chalk tends to produce, our hands actually felt slightly sticky with just a thin coating of FrictionLabs chalk. In fact, on a rather humid day in the Buttermilks, our very own Georgie Abel sent one of her longtime projects, Seven Spanish Angels, after chalking up with FrictionLabs for the first time. Coincidence? We think not …

We found that we personally prefer our chalk on the chunkier side—so our favorite blend is Gorilla Grip. We also liked Bam Bam, but Unicorn Dust felt a bit too silky for our taste.


Ready to test it out for yourself?

Get it here:

Bam Bam

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Gorilla Grip

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Unicorn Dust

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Now to you

Have you tried Friction Labs chalk? What do you think? Does it make a difference in your climbing? Let us know in the comments below.

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