Gear Review: Rumpl Outdoor Puffy Blankets

Rumpl Gear Review

As climbers, we can probably all agree that our puffy jackets and sleeping bags stand far above most possessions in our lives in terms of vital importance. They keep our bodies warm and comfortable, so we can survive in the frigid “sending temps” we time and time again force ourselves to endure. ( … You know, when you voluntarily can’t feel your fingers and toes so you can try and throw yourself at a boulder problem?)

So, when we heard that a new and different premium puff product had came out, our climber paws couldn’t wait to grasp a new avenue for staying warm on the go—without needing to haul around our sleeping bags and throw on our puffy jackets after every send attempt … (of which there are far more attempts than sends.)


We’d like you to meet the Rumpl …

A product made to rival the performance, warmth, and durability of the other puffs in our lives, while serving to improve an outdated, yet vital accessory: the good ole blanket. We use ’em almost daily in our homes and on our beds—but what about in the great outdoors?

Well, over a bottle of whiskey and a roaring fire, the founders of Rumpl decided to create a revamped blanket for strange folks, like us climbers; people who prefer to spend their time out in the elements and under the stars. Following a relentless pursuit of sharp design and quality material, as well as a successful Kickstarter project, voila! The Rumpl blanket was born—combining the advanced materials of our other outdoor gear with an innovative and swag-centric design.

Rumple in Joshua Tree

Wylie and Nick of Rumpl
Founders Wylie and Nick of Rumpl, resting on their creation.


So what makes the Rumpl so special?

While traveling from climbing destination to destination—and finding ourselves in prime blanket weather conditions—we had a chance to put the Rumpl Deepwater Puffy Throw Blanket to the test.

This one, to be exact:

Rumpl blanketRumpl throw blanketRumpl

The Rumpl comes with a convenient stuff sack, similar to that of a sleeping bag. We tested out the Throw blanket (50″ x 70″), and were surprised and delighted by how well it compressed down into a stuff sack size (just 6.5″ x 14″) that doesn’t feel like a burden to haul around.

Not to mention, the Rumpl Throw blanket only weighs 2.1 pounds—making it a no brainer to bring along when you’re preparing for a long day at a cold crag.

A look at the different Rumpl options:

Rumpl sizes and weights Rumpl size

We should mention here that we’re pretty cold people. Meaning, if it’s anywhere below 75 degrees, we appreciate a sufficient layer. Thus, when it comes to cool temps, we know the difference between a warm and not-so-warm blanket …

So, we tried it out in a variety of chilly settings: while cooking dinner, reading a book, drinking a beer, hanging out at the base of a windy crag, and just laying under the night stars.

Rumpl in Joshua Tree

Rumpl review
Testing the Rumpl Throw blanket out.

After some use, we were pleased with its ability to keep us pretty damn toasty. But more enticingly, it made us realize how truly versatile a blanket can be not only the indoors, but the outdoors.

For climbers, especially, the Rumpl serves many useful purposes: whether to simply keep you warm in between climbs, allow you to comfortably bivvy out in your hammock, or to keep you cozy when you’re back at camp and getting dinner underway.



Rumpl in Yosemite

What we also we soon learned was that the Rumpl doesn’t just keep you warm, it also stays intact and keeps you protected when the weather turns. Even after a downpour made its way through a hole in our tent, the Rumpl easily wicked away the water (and there was a lot of water!), thanks to its quality, synthetic material.

Made with 20D Ripstop Nylon and a DWR finish, the Rumpl can repel water, stains, and your general stankiness after a day ( … or shower-less weeks) in the outdoors … and we can attest to that. Accordingly, you can throw your Rumpl into a washing machine without fear of ruining the insulation, as you can easily do with down.

And for those keen on the look of their gear, the Rumpl comes in a variety of colors, so you can select the one that fits your style best.

Rumpl colors


The Rumpl fills a needed niche between the puffy products in your life.

Light, versatile, outdoor-ready, and sleek looking too, we don’t think you’ll regret having a Rumpl in your pack when your battling the breeze below a boulder.

Get your own Rumpl:

Deepwater Rumpl Puffy Blanket Iron Rumpl Puffy Blanket Charcoal Rumpl Puffy Blanket
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Laying on the Rumpl

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